Research @ Creator’s IVF

While infertility is a growing issue, no data is available for the cases in Nepal. How prevalent it is in Nepal? What are the major causes? No unified answer is available due to lack of research. This adds more pressure among couples since they fail to understand that they are not the only one going through it. Also as an organization working in this field, research is essential for us to understand our situation and improve. We, at Creator’s IVF want to change that fact, one step at a time.

Research Committee

A panel of experts in their respective fields, the research committee at Creator’s IVF is dedicated to conduct first class research inside the organization for the benefit of all.

  • Dr. Sanu Maiya Shrestha (Pradhan), Senior Consultant Gynaecologist
    (Clinical Director/Managing Director at Creator’s IVF)
  • Dr. Paban Sharma, Visiting Senior Consultant Gynaecologist at Creator’s IVF
    (Professor at Patan Academy of Health Sciences)
  • Dr. Heera Tuladhar, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist
    (Professor at KIST Medical College)
  • Dr. Kersi M Avari, Scientific Director at Creator’s IVF
    (Programme Director at EART)
  • Mr. Dijan Vaidya, Clinical Embryologist at Creator’s IVF
    (Assist. Managing Director at Creator’s IVF)
  • Ms. Subhadra Shrestha, Visiting Nursing Consultant at Creator’s IVF
    (Assoc. Professor at NAIHS-CON)
  • Ms. Sabina Gwachha, Clinical Nursing Incharge at Creator’s IVF
  • Mr. Rahish Lal Shrestha, Management Consultant at Creator’s IVF

Conducting your research here

With our research committee in action, we welcome individuals and professionals who would like to carry out research in our organization or require the help of our organization. We follow a set of protocols to help both the researcher(s) and the organization. Please be advised that this process is likely to take about 3-4 weeks of time based on the availability of our professionals and the on going researches.

  1.  Application and proposal of research to the Director of Creator’s IVF
    We request the researcher to submit an application and the research proposal to the Director of Creator’s IVF, Dr. Sanu Maiya Shrestha (Pradhan). You can visit our clinic and set up an appointment time.
  2. Discussion in Research Committee
    The proposal is shared with the research committee of Creator’s IVF. Active discussion on how the research relates to our organization, its suitability, data availability, etc will be taken into consideration.
  3. Proposal presentation
    If the Research Committee is assured that the research is suitable for the organization, the researcher will be contacted for a proposal presentation.
  4. Discussion with related department
    After the presentation, the related department members discuss among themselves regarding the research and it’s feasibility.
  5. Result
    After the discussion in the department, the researcher is notified about whether the research has been approved and what steps to take further.

NHRC Approval

All researches conducted here must be approved by Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC). Researchers are required to obtain the approval of NHRC either during the discussion of the research at Creator’s IVF or whenever they find it suitable before the research begins.

Ongoing Research

Research Title: Quality of Life among Infertile Women attending in Infertility Treatment Centre

Research Type: Descriptive Exploratory

Funded by: University Grant Commission (UGC)

Principal Investigator (PI): Assoc. Professor Subhadra Pradhan Shrestha

Co-Investigator (CI): Prof. Sushila Bhandari

Mentor: Dr. Sanu Maiya Shrestha (Pradhan)