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After eight years (2007-2015) in IVF Nepal Pvt. Ltd., whole team under the leadership of Dr. Sanu Maiya Shrestha (Pradhan) moved from Global Hospital Premises to Satdobato, Lalitpur – 15 (Anu Books Store Building) with a new name “Creator’s IVF Nepal Pvt. Ltd.” with new set up and better facilities. We have already conducted 50 batches of IVF in IVF Nepal Pvt. Ltd. providing an overall pregnancy rate of 45.84%, clinical pregnancy rate of 38.87% and Take Home Baby rate of 28.95%.

Why Creator’s IVF Nepal?

Infertility is a tangible problem in our society. It is a source of social and psychological suffering for both male and female partners and can place great pressures on the relationship of the couple. It may not be a public health priority in many countries, but it is a central issue in the lives of the individuals who suffer from it. It is estimated that infertility affects more than 80 million people worldwide. In general, one in ten couples experience primary or secondary infertility, but infertility rates vary amongst countries from less than 5% to more than 30%. (Vayena et al., 2002).

About Dr. Sanu Maiya Shrestha (Pradhan)

Dr. Sanu Maiya Shrestha (Pradhan) is the Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and IVF specialist providing her services in IVF Nepal Pvt. Ltd. She completed her undergraduate education in medicine (MBBS) in the former USSR in 1991. She completed her Membership of Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists Part I (MRCOG Part I) in 1994. Unfortunately, she had to quit her opportunity to complete MRCOG Part II in 1997 due to her personal circumstances.


All infertility treatments need not to be expensive and all patients do not require In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). We are having wide range of procedure to offer according to individual need of couple after taking all factors into consideration.

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